Goose Guesthouse

Why stay with us?
This is a demo website created to show off the Kettik platform. Goose Homestay exists in Korzok but please do not make any bookings through this website as it is just a sample website.
Simple but Clean Rooms
We may be a simple village house, but we take pride in ensuring the cleanliness of our rooms, the toilets and the house in general.
One thing we would like to be honest about though. There is a general lack of running water in Korzok and as such we do not clean the pillow covers and bedsheets after each guest. If you are concerned about this then please bring your own sleeping bags.
Experience Ladakhi Hospitality
Staying in a homestay like ours means that you are staying with a family. You are a guest in our home and we treat you as such. 

Be prepared to be pampered by the family, drink endless cups of tea and sit in our kitchen and play with our kids and our little nieces and nephews.
Live and Work like an Ladakhi!
By staying with us you already experience the live of every day Ladakhi people. You can have an even more immersive experience of Ladakhi life by participating in our everyday activities. From shovelling snow from our roof tops to going out with our shepherds to graze our sheep. You are welcome to join and and help our with any of our chores.